The Difference Between Men, Women, and Their Pillows

Everyone agrees that men and women are very different, but did you know the difference extends to something as common as pillows? As unbelievable as it might sound, both sexes often choose different pillow sizes and styles, and the reason has to do with how they sleep. From pillows for wrinkles to extra neck support, the difference between men, women, and their pillows is clear.

Pillow for wrinkles

Sleeping Positions

For the most part, the style of pillow men and women choose relates to the position in which they sleep. Because men are typically taller and larger with broader shoulders, small or flat pillows often don’t provide the right amount of support for their neck and upper back. Men are also more likely to sleep on their backs, sides, or stomach in a mostly prone position, while women are more likely to curl up in the fetal position on their sides or snuggle in close to a pillow.

Women may benefit from lighter, fluffier pillows, while men may benefit from firmer pillows with curves or waves that accommodate their wide shoulders. However, there is a significant amount of variance within these features, so both should choose their pillow based on their most common sleeping position and most comfortable support level.

Decor Differences

Men and women also differ significantly in how they decorate their bedrooms. Women are far more likely to stack a bed with decorative pillows, both when sleeping and during the day. As beautiful as this is, not all men appreciate the gesture, and some may even find the pillows annoying or unnecessary.

Limiting decorative pillows to one or two larger rectangular pillows is a good compromise, as is working with pillowcases rather than additional pillows.

Pillow Concerns

The last and most obvious difference between men and women is functional and relates to how the pillow performs rather than how it looks. Both genders may require specialized neck support if they happen to work at a computer each day, or in other industries that require a lot of standing or leaning over.

For example, men’s bodies are functionally programmed to have a higher exterior temperature than women’s bodies, which tend to hold heat closer to the core. Because of this, men may prefer pillows with covers that wick away sweat.

Women also tend to prefer a pillow for wrinkles, or pillows with antimicrobial surfaces to help prevent skin blemishes, keeping skin taut and blemish-free while they catch up on sleep. Pregnant women may also need large body pillows to accommodate a growing stomach.

Pillow that minimizes wrinkles

Gender-Neutral Pillows

Traditional pillows definitely have gender-specific preferences, but there are also gender-neutral pillows. JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is one of them. Designed for back and side sleepers, JuveRest’s gives men and women the back and neck support they prefer. The pillow’s cooling foam keeps men cool at night and prevents women from over-heating, too. The added bonus is that it’s multi-patented design keeps delicate facial skin from getting pushed, pulled and stretched over the pillow surface, which can lead to the development of sleep wrinkles.

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