JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow Introduced by its Inventor, Dr. Anson.

  • Revolutionary multi-patented design provides comfortable support, resiliency and durability for long-term results.
  • Open structure of pillow allows efficient air circulation, keeping you cooler at night.

Best Pillow for
Facial Wrinkles

Why it Works

JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is designed to address sleep posture and compression forces acting on the face during sleep.

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Tests show

** Results are from an independent clinical study of 40 participants where half slept on a JuveRest pillow and half slept on a traditional pillow for 4 hours.

Improvement in Skin Using JuveRest Pillow*

Time Spent Sleeping On JuveRest Pillow

89% of participants found their skin looked better after using the JuveRest pillow for eight weeks*

Study participants reported these benefits from using the pillow:

  • Their skin looked smoother, with fewer wrinkles
  • Their skin looked and felt more refreshed
  • They looked less tired
  • Their face and eyes weren’t puffy in the morning
  • They experienced fewer or no skin breakouts
  • Improvement in Skin Using JuveRest Pillow*

*Results are from an independent study among 27 participants who slept on JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow for 8 weeks. The study was conducted by Precision Opinion, Inc. in March 2014.

Actual 3D CT scans of a real person resting on a regular pillow and on a JuveRest® Pillow.

Regular Pillow
JuveRest® Pillow
What Do Sleep
Wrinkles Look Like?

Wrinkle Fighting Features

Optimal Back Sleeping
  • Sloped Neck-to-Back Transition
  • Neck Support
  • Head Cradle
  • Raised Transition to Side-Sleep Panels
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The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow Non-invasive • Safe • Easy • Convenient

$ 159.95

Optimal Side Sleeping
  • Lateral Face and Neck Support
  • Shoulder Support Cradle
  • Graded Steps Minimize Facial Contact
  • Angled for Neck and Chin Comfort
  • Raised Edges to Stop Forward Rotation

Easy, Effective, Economical

Add the JuveRest® pillow to your beauty arsenal. It’s as easy as going to sleep. Comfortable, simple to use, affordable and non-invasive; it works while you sleep to minimize the formation of sleep wrinkles.

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