Tips for Firming Facial Skin

As humans in search of beauty perfection, we spend a lot of money on health and beauty products—especially when they claim to make us look and feel more youthful. As collagen breaks down and facial skin loses its elasticity, beauty aficionados find themselves looking for those products and methods that promise to bring new life to their skin. Take a look at a few simple, natural methods and unique products you can use to firm up your skin at home.

Use Serums and Oils

There are a variety of serums and face oils that can be massaged gently into the skin to encourage skin firming. Olive oil and coconut oil are popular for their deeply moisturizing and sebum-dissolving properties, and are thought to prevent fine lines and support plump, firm skin. Also look for serums or oils that contain vitamin C, which is thought to help stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production and improve elasticity.

Apply an Egg White Mask

A favorite of many internet beauty gurus, egg white masks are a quick and simple way to smooth out fine lines and tighten up pores. Although there’s no science to support the merit of egg white masks beyond just a temporary firming effect, there are those who claim that the natural proteins and anti-inflammatory agents can make a big difference when used regularly. If you’re looking for something more moisturizing and powerful, some say you can keep the yolk for an added boost of cholesterol and retinols.

Rinse With Cold Water

You’ve probably heard that using warm or hot water can help to relax the skin and open pores. By the same token, rinsing with cool or cold water can help to tighten the pores and firm the skin (at least temporarily). Cold water causes the facial muscles to contract somewhat, resulting in a subtle, natural lifting effect.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Dry skin is dull, sallow, droopy skin. In addition to applying a good moisturizer after each time you wash your face, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside, as well.

Use Only Gentle Pressure

Although this tip is less about skin firming and more about preventing skin from becoming stretched and saggy, it’s still an important element of maintaining a taut, youthful-looking complexion. Whenever you wash your face, apply serums and moisturizers, or do your makeup, you should always use the least pressure possible. The more you push, pull, and stretch your facial skin, the more quickly its elasticity breaks down over time.

It’s not just the pressure you apply in your daily routine. The way skin is pushed, pulled and stretched over a pillow every night while you sleep can also take a toll. If your face tends to get compressed at night, particularly if you often awaken with sleep lines, you may actually be seeing sleep wrinkles. Consider investing in a JuveRest pillow to reduce the pressure on your face and protect your skin from developing vertical lines non-invasively. Purchase yours today, or contact us to learn more about how JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow can work for you!