Valentine’s Day Makeup – Barely There to Daringly Sexy

This year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the opening of the much anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey. So we’ve pulled a couple of tips from the movie’s makeup guru, Victoria Down, to help you channel Anastasia Steele’s sultry transformation, courtesy of the

Destined to be a hot makeup trend in 2015 is Ana’s stained lip look with deep berry tones and sheen in the center. For her sultry smoky eyes, use light gray and charcoal shadow colors with a dark eyeliner on the inside of the eyes for added drama.

For Ana’s healthy glow, use a darker pink blush, blended across the apples of the cheeks, on the nose, and a little on the chin and hairline to create the appearance of a healthy natural flush.

Whether you want to go classic and natural, sweet and sassy or something more dramatic, there’s no shortage of celebrity makeup advice and tutorials for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips to help you look amazing for a date with your special someone or a night on the town with the girls.

No-Makeup Makeup Secrets

It takes makeup to pull off the “I wake up looking like this” look. To define and bring life to your face without your Valentine knowing you’re wearing anything, forego Anastasia’s smoky eyes, and get All Dolled Down.

For eyes, skip the shadow and do what calls the sneaky liner trick. Using a black kohl liner in your dominant hand, reach around and above with your other hand and place your ring finger directly on top of your lid, then gently lift it upwards, pulling your lash line up and away from your eye. Trace the liner back and forth along the lash line, directly between your lashes but NOT above it. This way it’s not detectable but still adds definition by framing your eyes.

5 Ways To Dazzle Your Valentine suggests using plum or green liner to give tired eyes a lift before your night on the town. The blue undertones make the whites of your eyes pop so you look fresh and awake.

For a natural flush, use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation and opt for a cream blush in a shade that mimics blushing. To find your best shade, says gently pinch your cheeks and match the blush to your natural color.

Lips, Hair and Lashes

When seduction begins with a suggestive wink, you need a good mascara says celebrity makeup artist Jami Svay in Use lash sculpting fiber mascara to coat and build the ends of your natural lashes. And if your plans include your Valentine caressing your hair, lose the hairspray and try a texture spray. To be kissable, ditch the traditional red lips for a delicious nude color.

If nude lips scare you, Jennifer Lopez’ trademark sexy lips are your inspiration. To get her sensual look, first neutralize the red in your mouth by dabbing foundation on your lips with a damp makeup sponge, suggests Then apply a fleshy shade lipstick that has peachy undertones.

The shows you how to enhance your natural beauty with its Look Naturally Sexy This Valentine’s Day video.

Daringly Sexy

If you prefer to leave the minimalist look for movie date night, up your game on Valentine’s Day with Sexy Crimson Eyes using matte red shadow on the lids covered with clear gloss. Looking to glam up with a softer demeanor, Katie Holmes rocks blue-toned accentuated eyes in The Most Romantic Beauty Looks To Try This Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t found the perfect look yet, Pinterest has a multitude of inspiring, flirty suggestions. Also check out these 7 Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup tutorials at

It’s About Lighting When Choosing Makeup

Soft eye makeup and skin that glows looks even better in candlelight says But, be wary of heavier eye shadow to avoid accentuating any dark circles in the half-light of a romantic restaurant.

We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love (and, while we’re at it, may we suggest that you try something new in the bedroom?)

But just in case you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, here are a few ideas on how to spend your holiday from love guru and “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger.