The “Eyes” Have It

Spring is all about eyes: from age-defying makeup for big, bright eyes to runway-ready looks featuring pastel eye shadows and lash extensions. Here’s how to prep your peepers for spring:

Spring Trends

Harpers Bizarre harkens Spring with eye shadow pallets in pastels of pink, blue, green and violet. And, Bethenny Frankel shares a few very doable trends. Eyebrows: Skinny brows: out. Full brows: in. Smokey Eye: much softer than last year’s more intense look.

How To Never Look Tired Again (Really!)

“Studies in Sweden found that sleep-deprived people were perceived as less attractive and… sadder than the same subjects well rested.” This must -read Glamour blog by Maureen Choi immediately grabbed our attention. What is a beauty sleep deprived (and who isn’t) girl to do? Fortunately Choi treats us to a few simple beauty tricks for tired eyes. Puffy Eyes – give yourself a quick morning massage with a brightening eye cream that you’ve chilled in the fridge overnight. Check out the tips for Raccoon Eyes and Dull Skin – here’s a hint: jumping jacks.

Here’s to getting some relaxation this week… Maybe with a little support from a JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow!

Big Eyes

Want your eyes to look bigger? Now there’s a high-tech way to make it happen – at least when you snap a selfie on Lenovo's new Vibe smartphone with its auto beautification feature. To widen your eyes the old fashioned way Beauty and Tips says “create the perfect shaped eyebrow” while All Women Stalk reminds us “there are dozens of ways to make your eyes look bigger using eyeliner; try only lining half of your lower lash line.” And, if you’re over 50, VibrantNation offers makeup Tips and Tricks to Give Yourself an Instant Eye Lift: “when applying eye shadow, put a darker color in the crease and a lighter color over the lid to make eyes look bigger and livelier.”

Crow’s Feet and Crepey Skin

Just when we begin to feel comfortable in our own skin, it starts to droop, crepe and sag. Women’s Day outlines a step-by-step anti aging skin routine. For crow’s feet, choose a cream with amino acids that trigger collagen production. For eye bags and crepey skin, apply an eye cream with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

Go Big & Go Bold With Long, Thick Lashes

Some of us were blessed with Bambi eyelashes while others – not so much. And then, after a certain age, lashes pull a disappearing act. From the Makeup Geek’s eyelash curling tutorial to some thoughts from Fabulous After 40’s tips on how to Look Real in Faux Eyelashes. Here’s a tip to get you started. For curly lashes use an eyelash curler; curl the lashes in three segments: base, middle and tip. Hold for three seconds. Use mascara to separate the lashes.