The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping for a Pillow to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

How to prevent facial aging caused by chronic facial compression during sleep has become a hot topic among beauty experts, medical professionals and consumers alike. This has led to a variety of products claiming they can keep you wrinkle-free during sleep.

You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” In the case of combating sleep-position-related facial aging, that’s smart advice. This is because it’s not easy for us to stay off our face throughout the 1/3 of our lives we spend sleeping. It requires counteracting the effect of gravitational pull of the head into the sleep surface though eight hours and 20 position shifts per night. No fabric or small, flat pillow or prop can do that effectively. A real solution requires innovative, anti-compression technology.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some red-flag “don’ts” of shopping for an anti-aging pillow:

  • It’s slippery.Smooth, slick surfaces are typical fabrics of many “anti-wrinkle” pillow cases made of silk, satin or other slippery materials. The result: even if you fall asleep on your back — the optimal sleeping position for avoiding sleep wrinkles, when you inevitably turn in your sleep, the slippery pillow will shift out of place. This leaves your face smushed against the bedding, the position that is the primary cause of sleep wrinkles.
  • It’s not a hot flash,it’s memory foam. Memory foam is another material often touted to help encourage sleeping positions which avoid the formation of sleep wrinkles. However, memory foam compresses under the weight of your head, can mold to your face and gets hot and sticky. When this happens, facial compression into the pillow is even worse than with a traditional, stuffed pillow.
  • Size does matter. Many pillows marketed to prevent sleep wrinkles are half the length of a standard pillow, or small and narrow and come in a crescent, letter I, boomerang, or even an octopus shape, and need to be used on top of a regular bed pillows. These are simply not going to support your face away from the beddingthroughout the night. The average sleeper turns 20 times during sleep. The result of sleeping on one of these insubstantial pillows: during the night you wind up sleeping with your face compressed either against the pillow or underlying bedding, which creates and worsens facial distortion and hence, wrinkles.
  • It has carelessly crafted contours. If the contours in your pillow aren’t precisely designed to work in concert withraised support elements, you may find yourself fighting to fit and stay over the recesses meant to protect from facial compression. Some pillows, even though they have some slight surface contouring, are too low and lack sufficiently deep or appropriately placed recesses. So, you’re likely to end up with your face compressed into the very contours that were intended to prevent wrinkles (as well as having spent much of the night stressing your spine’s natural contour).

The Benefits of JuveRest

Unlike other “anti-wrinkle” pillows and pillow cases, the technologically advanced, multi-patented JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is a powerful solution for preventing facial wrinkles caused during sleep and offers facial protection other pillows, props and fabrics can’t.

It is specifically designed with a soft and cushy velour cover and a pillow of substantial enough weight to stay put all night long. With its ample height, length and width and carefully sculpted and placed contours, it provides the support and room necessary for comfortable sleep with anatomical neck and upper back support maintaining the natural alignment of the spine.

JuveRest encourages back sleep, but if you prefer to sleep on your side or if you roll over during the night, it reduces the risk of misplacing your head and winding up with your face compressed. The soft yet resilient (non-viscoelastic) foam construction, combined with carefully positioned contours, allows efficient air circulation so you keep your cool. You can rest comfortably assured that every minute detail of the JuveRest construction was considered, tested, reconsidered and retested, and considered and retested again! JuveRest steps up where others leave off, to provide the ultimate, durable and long lasting sleep wrinkle solution. We welcome you to check out the revolutionary design and unique features:

    Sloped transition between neck bridge and bed surface supports natural curvature of the spine
    Raised neck bridge helps maintain natural curvature of the spine
    Encourages back sleep with specially-shaped concave central oval to comfortably cradle the back of the head and keep neck in neutral alignment
    Pillow wings slope upward to discourage shift of sleeping position
    Horseshoe design supports the forehead, side of the head, jaw line and neck and discourages rotation of sleep position
    Recess design supports shoulders and neck, discouraging forward rotation while helping keep the spine in a neutral position
    Minimizes contact between face and pillow
    Angled for comfort
    Helps prevent rolling off the pillow

JuveRest works overnight — every night — to minimize facial wrinkles caused by compression and avoid damage to your precious skin. It’s the only pillow that gets you REAL beauty sleep.