Ten Beauty Tips We’ve Learned From RuPaul’s Drag Race

Season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race is a wrap and a big con-drag-ulations to the new reigning Drag Super Star, Violet Chachki. In case you missed the show or don’t have your own “pit crew,” here are a few beauty tips for the rest of us.  So, start your engines and let the best woman win - with a little help from our drag queen inspirations.

Get Violet’s Hollywood-Inspired Look

If you want to know how to get Violet’s gorgeous blond bombshell runway look from episode two, check out this step-by-step Violet-inspired tutorial, but you’ll have to bring your own 16-inch waist.  

Beware The Contouring Beard

Here’s a cautionary word about contouring from Drag Race judge Michelle Visage to Kandy Ho: “are you contouring on a beard?” To avoid this all too common blunder, here’s How to Finally Master Contouring in 4 Easy Steps with season seven’s Miss Fame. Learn how to map your face to bring out your cheekbones, narrow or lengthen the nose, and achieve a more angular face.

"Cook" and “Beat” For Beautifully Set and Highlighted Skin

"Cooking" the makeup on your face means allowing foundation and concealer to warm to your skin before blending. Here’s how: after applying foundation and concealer, take a generous amount of loose translucent powder and pack it on the highlight points of the face with a velour pad or sponge. Wait a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes then dust the powder away with a fan brush. The result is beautifully set and highlighted skin that looks perfect all day.

“Beating” your face simply means pressing liquid foundations and creamy concealers into your skin with a damp sponge or powder puff in a "beating motion.”  The result of beating is a beautiful finish. The pores look smoother, the blend is more seamless, and the makeup seems to melt right in.

Source: Makeup Tips And Tricks We Learned From Drag Queens

Egg White To Cover Wrinkles

To help erase wrinkles, dab egg whites over the wrinkles, let dry, then cover with foundation. To remove the egg whites and makeup, use all-natural olive oil.

Avoid Mask-Like Makeup

To create a flawless look and avoid mask-like makeup, always blend the foundation down to the neck. If you have reasonably good skin, opt for a lighter coverage base like a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer and use concealer on areas that need a bit more help.

Killer Eyebrows

For well-defined and structured eyebrows, groom them regularly by having them waxed or threaded every two to four weeks to maintain that clean and killer brow look.

Source: 11 Beauty secrets you can learn from RuPaul's Drag Race

Home Depot For Beauty Brushes?

Use sponge paint brushes to apply makeup. For a soft effect, use the sides. For a hard line, use the edge.

Three Minute Boob Job

Contouring and highlighting your upper chest and décolletage can give the illusion of higher and fuller breasts. Apply bronzer to the arches on your chest with a big M shape. Then, above the bronzer, highlight the front of your breasts and the middle of your cleavage.

Source: 9 Drag Queens Spill Their Sassiest Beauty Secrets

 Violet’s Waist

 Before sashaying away to purchase the latest in “waist trainer” belts to achieve Violet’s tiny, cinched waist, check out what Dr. Terry Dubrow has to say about the possible dangerous side effect on RuPaul’s Good Works.

 It’s All About Confidence

"It's not just about wanting to look glamorous, but about wanting to feel glamorous," Violet said during an interview with Sometimes it's hard to exude confidence, so when women see that a man can achieve a glamorous look, they truly believe anything is possible.