Sleeping Beauty: Do Anti-Aging Pillow Cases Work?

Luckily, advances in anti-aging skin care are being made every day! We are living longer, healthier lives than ever before, and because we want to look as good as we feel, we need the best and most sensible tools for quality skin care. How you sleep is as important as the amount of sleep you get when it comes to having great-looking skin. Sleeping with your face compressed against a pillow creates facial wrinkles, which can deepen over time and make expression lines more pronounced.

Lay off that face
For generations, grandmothers and mothers have warned their daughters, young and old, not to sleep with their faces scrunched into their pillows. Experienced dermatologists, plastic surgeons and makeup artists and aestheticians can tell which side you sleep on just by looking at you: The side you sleep on most will often have more visible lines and wrinkles! As 
Women’s Day explains, the skin’s connective tissue and collagen weaken as you age, making it more of a challenge for skin to “spring back” from pillow compression against the pillow surface.

Side and stomach sleeping on ANY surface are the real culprits
The problem with side- and stomach-sleeping is that gravitational forces cause continuous compression as the skin buckles and is pushed and pulled against the pillowcase surface throughout the night. Although some of the stress friction can be reduced by a smoother case material, the only way to avoid compression wrinkles is to completely avoid contact with pillow’s surface. Regardless of whether it is made from silk, satin, microfiber, metal, 1,000-thread- count Egyptian cotton–or any other material, a pillowcase’s material cannot reverse the force of gravitational compression.

The decompression solution
A specialist in facial anti-aging techniques, plastic surgeon Dr. Goesel Anson designed the JuveRest pillow to help her patients with a real solution for nighttime facial distortion and compression where traditional sleep wrinkle remedies (including props and fabrics) fell short. Whether you are a back or side sleeper (or both!), now you can put some fresh air between your face and the pillow in comfort, instead of just another swatch of fabric!