Sleep Wrinkles On Men – Kelly’s Story

In this business we are very in tune with sleep wrinkles. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to talk to someone face-to-face without noticing the distortion (including under eye puffiness), wrinkles and facial aging that is occurring from their habit of sleeping on their face. It makes us want to scream from a rooftop how easy it is to fix the issue simply by staying off their face at night, and how much better their skin could look within just a few short weeks!

Men aren’t immune to sleep wrinkles and our handsome friend Kelly (pictured above) is one example. In the photo on the left you will notice a diagonal line on his right side of his forehead. His photo on the right shows exactly how that wrinkle was created and reinforced by Kelly’s habit of sleeping on his right side and smushing his face into the pillow. Like most people who have such obvious wrinkles, he knew he was causing the scar-like wrinkle during sleep, but didn’t realize there was anything he could do about it. But, this bad sleeping habit is easily corrected with the right tool.

The good news is that Kelly is now enjoying his very own JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow to help him avoid further damage and to begin the reversal process. JuveRest is allowing him to enjoy better back sleep (the best position for the spine!) and helping to keep him off of his face when he rolls over to the side with its carefully crafted contours.  Kelly loves the easy solution, which is also helping him get more restful sleep.

Want to hear more from a male perspective? Watch Richard’s video on his experience using JuveRest (FYI – notice the sleep wrinkles on the right side of his mouth and cheek).