Sleep Positions: Which is best?

Sleep experts and beauty gurus suggest that back sleeping is the best way to slumber.  Many people, however, have a hard time training themselves to sleep in this position. it may be worth the effort considering back-sleeping can help alleviate neck pain; prevent sleep loss, align the spine and organs; reduce facial wrinkles, and believe it or not, keep breasts perky. 

Stay neutral  The Pros and Cons of Sleeping on Your Side, Back, and Stomach suggests back sleeping keeps internal organs aligned and helps prevent neck and back pain. Dr. Oz agrees, adding that the position “makes it easy for your head, neck and spine to stay in a neutral position,” while also helping to prevent sleep wrinkles “because you’re not pressing your face into the pillow or the mattress!”

 Experience relief

Back-sleeping helps minimize teeth grinding, soothes sore hips, lessens PMS and eases a stiff neck. “Most people with neck pain benefit from sleeping on their back with their neck in a straight position, which involves finding a pillow that supports that alignment.”  . Check out Women’s Health’s “The Right Sleep Position for You for more helpful tips on alleviating aches with the proper sleep position.

 Get a lift

Perky breasts are apparently a benefit of back-sleeping as well, “because they are fully supported throughout the night.”  We’re going out on a limb here and suggest that this tip may require pre-existing perkiness.  Care2’s: The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions for Your Health is definitely worth the read for a restful beauty sleep

 Give yourself some time

On her journey to aging gracefully, it took Sue Kolbas of Sue & Gigi two years to adjust to back sleeping, but “If you want to improve some of the fine lines on your face…train yourself to sleep on your back and I promise you will see results.”

 To learn more about the benefits of proper spine and neck alignment visit JuveRest: How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles.

 Here’s to waking up feeling refreshed with a few less visible wrinkles!