Morning Skin Care Musts

Daylight Savings Time may have given us an extra hour of sleep, but that doesn’t make mornings any less hectic. Sometimes it’s all a busy woman can do to throw on tinted moisturizer and mascara as she runs out the door. But, skin care professionals will tell you that establishing a good morning skin care routine is one of the most important anti-aging things you can do for your complexion.

Here are a few helpful tips from the Ultimate Morning Skincare Routine.

Cleanse: Washing your face in the morning with a gentle moisturizing cleanser will remove any build-up of oil and bacteria that has accumulated while you slept. How To Wash Your Face suggests starting with damp skin. Place cleanser on your fingertips. Begin at the corners of your mouth, glide your fingertips up over your nose, onto your forehead, around the eyes, and down the cheeks until you reach your chin.

Gentle Exfoliation: You can gently exfoliate using only a moist cotton washcloth without any product. Small circular motions will gently scrub away dead skin and the massaging action will help to get rid of any morning facial swelling.  (Save the deeper exfoliation for nighttime and limit to once a week – Learn more in our next blog.)

Toner: Using toner balances skin’s pH and preps it for moisturizing. advises to look for toners without alcohol, which can severely dry your skin.

Sunscreen: Even a little sun damage can lead to wrinkles and spots so always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. To select the right one check out how to choose a sunscreen that’s best for your skin type.

Daytime Moisturizer: In the morning, lightweight textures will make your skin feel more comfortable and less greasy during the day. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you can use an oil controlling moisturizer. For dry skin use a hydrating serum underneath the moisturizer for extra hydration.

Primer: Finally, not to prime is a crime says How To Conceal Wrinkles. Primer will fill in pores and hide fine lines while providing a smooth base for the rest of your makeup.


It is important to use products that match your skin’s sensitivities and needs. But before you run out and invest in a slew of new products, it’s best to have your skin evaluated by a professional.

However, if you’re eager to get started on a new regimen, you can check out these skin care apps for a little help.

The SkinBetter and Visada apps put your selfies to work by analyzing your skin and offering a range of product recommendations. The Skin app works by combining the iPhone, as a skin scanner, and the Apple Watch as a live preview window. Data is used to provide skin-care recommendations by analyzing the impact of such parameters skin condition, weather and location.