Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Tips for a More Youthful Look

The struggle is real: Keeping skin looking young, fresh, and healthy takes commitment, These simple steps can help maintain or restore the youthful complexion you’re looking for.

Take Shorter Showers

No matter how great your moisturizer is, something as mundane as the shower can undo a lot of the benefits of moisturizer. The hotter and longer the shower, the more likely you’re striping away protective oils that naturally cover your skin, making it dry out. The ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner can also be drying, so try rinse them out ASAP! Keep showers under ten minutes, and turn the heat down to as cool as you can handle while still being comfortable. Your skin will thank you.

Follow Up with Lotions or Creams

Another way to make sure your skin stays soft and youthful is to follow your showers by applying a lotion or cream. This locks in the moisture in your skin that might otherwise be lost, but you have to do it quickly—within three minutes of exiting the shower—if you want it to work its best

Look for Skin-Repairing Ingredients

Not all moisturizers are created equal. Some just plain do a better job at keeping your skin moist and youthful-looking. One way to quickly check to make sure a moisturizer is going to keep your skin looking great is to check the ingredients. Look for barrier-repair compounds like ceramide, monolaurin, and linoleic acid help support skin’s natural renewal and protective barriers to help prevent moisture loss and skin damage.

Don’t Forget the Eye Cream!

Remember those moisturizing oils your skin naturally produces? The skin around your eyes produces very little of this incredibly important protective layer, which is why so many people get puffy skin and dark circles. For most people, the help of eye cream is needed.

Use eye creams that contain peptides, which are credited for stimulating collagen production and help get rid of saggy skin and dark circles.

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