Knowing Your Body Shape Makes Dress Shopping Simple

Summer is here, and that means June weddings, July barbecues, and August date nights. It also means you probably will need a dress and, for many women, that sends shivers down the spine. The body shape-dress silhouette relationship is absolutely vital to wearing something that looks great on you!Body Shape Makes Dress Shopping Simple

Knowing your body type not only takes the struggle out of dress shopping, it can make it fun.

What Body Type Are You?
Most women fall into one of four categories:

•    Hourglass – Think Marilyn Monroe. An hourglass, or triangle shape as it is also known, means your shoulders and hips are approximately the same size and your waist is much smaller.

•    Pear – If you have curvy hips, thick thighs and a full booty, you have a pear shape. Famous pear body types include Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

•    Rectangle – Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman are perfect examples of a rectangle body shape with bust and hips almost the same width and little or no waist. Many top models have this coveted shape.

•    Inverted Triangle – When your shoulders are the widest part of your body, and you have an athletic looking silhouette, then you are an inverted triangle. Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell are inverted triangles.

Best dresses

What Style Dress Works Best for Your Shape?

No matter how much weight you gain or lose or how fit you are, the body shape-dress silhouette relationship doesn’t change. Use these tips to help you flaunt the best of whatever shape you are:

•    Hourglass – Dresses that accentuate your waist and which are fitted or semi-fitted will show off your best curves. Wrap dresses are fabulous for this shape.

•    Pear – If you are pear shaped, any dress that focuses attention on the upper half of the body is best. A-line or empire waist dresses or halter dresses are best because they emphasize a pear’s shapely waist and neckline. Avoid sheath, mermaid or trumpet silhouettes when you can.

•    Rectangle – You can wear virtually every silhouette on the market. Belts, ruched fabrics, and draping give the illusion of curves, and dresses with color blocking can also help with definition. Many top models are rectangle shaped, which means most styles of dresses will look great on you.

•    Inverted Triangle – Even though this shape may be the most desired shape of all, there are still some dress silhouettes that will look better than others. To create more balance, look for A-line dresses or dresses that have horizontal stripes on the bottom half only. Avoid necklines that emphasize the shoulders (such as boat neck or bateau necklines) and dresses that taper downward (like mermaid or trumpet silhouettes).

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