JuveRest in the News!

Since we introduced The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow last summer, the press and leading authorities in the beauty biz are taking note of JuveRest and the major part it plays in anti-aging skin care. We gathered a few of our favorite quotes…

“’Beauty sleep?’ Dream on! Sleeping doesn’t relieve wrinkles on the face, say dermatologists, it causes them.” Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep: New Pillow’s Promise

“The JuveRest takes some getting used to… but it does liberate the side of your head that usually presses into your pillow.”
-Daily Candy: Pretty Smart: How to Dream Big and Sleep Better

“It may not be as cushy as your down pillow, but its contoured shape is more gentle on your face.” Pillow Talk

“The pillow was SO useful to me during my recent surgery. I couldn’t sleep on my sides, and this kept me sleeping on my back.”
-My Beauty Bunny: Anti Wrinkle Sleep Pillows

“… if you’re from the camp that every little bit helps when it comes to anti-aging, more power to you. Go get this pillow.” Can You Wake Up Gorgeous By Just Buying and Sleeping on This Pillow?

“Luckily, there are anti-wrinkle pillows (or at least sleeping techniques and positions) that can help prevent sleep lines. And they’re surprisingly really comfortable!! For real!”
The Beauty Department: Anti-Wrinkle Pillows

“..these positions can cause deep wrinkles to form on the side of your face and forehead. Luckily, there is a way around this beauty blunder. It’s called the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow.” 
-The Make Up Blogger: JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow See the Results…

“Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or crow’s-feet? Well, maybe it’s because you’re not sleeping on a pillow shaped like Transformers.”
-Allure: Sleep Wrinkles? The Lego Pillow Might Be for You

What will they say next? Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to share!