How JuveRest Was Born

I consider my ‘job’ as a plastic surgeon to help my patients (and me!) find solutions to their problems. My focus is aesthetic surgery of the face, so I see wrinkles, including sleep wrinkles caused by facial compression during sleep, every day.  I had recommended various pillows in the past but never found one with which I was satisfied.

So, I set out to design one. My partner in this project, Cynthia Callendar, started out as a friend and patient (see her ‘before and afters’ published in NewBeauty Magazine, summer/fall 2009). She’s an attorney (I have an open mind) and entrepreneur who had success with developing and manufacturing a great sleep mask.  She challenged me to make a prototype. Five years later we have a patented pillow that works, and I have a house full of foam scraps!

The architecture of the pillow is unusual and nothing like it had been done before.  It took years of R&D. Finding a manufacturer able to get the pillow mold and material just right was not easy.  But through the many challenges, we did prevail – and are thrilled with the result!

When we showed the JuveRest pillow to QVC, they understood its values immediately. We are delighted to have launched on QVC because it gave us a platform to discuss the problem of sleep wrinkles and how the pillow can help.  QVC has very high standards, so we are proud to have met them all.

I finally have a pillow that I can wholeheartedly recommend for my patients.  JuveRest really does an excellent job of keeping you off your face while still being comfortable and supportive.

Sleep wrinkles are a very interesting phenomenon.  To learn all about sleep wrinkles, go to

-Dr. Goesel Anson

About the Author : Goesel Anson, MD, FACS

Dr. Goesel Anson is a prominent board-certified plastic surgeon with a thriving practice in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face in Las Vegas, Nevada, and co-founder of JuveRest LLC. Through her extensive clinical practice and daily contact with patients, Dr. Anson recognized the need for an effective way to inhibit sleep wrinkles. The JuveRest LLC team has spent more than five years developing a uniquely designed pillow that can help reduce sleep wrinkles. Learn more about Dr. Anson and the JuveRest invention story on the JuveRest Experts Page.