From 30 to 70: Choose Hair Styles that Flatter

Choose Hair Styles

When it comes to selecting an “age-appropriate” hairstyle, flattering is the operative word.  If it flatters, it works! 

Just look at these haircuts from Allure for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. From pixies to bobs, lobs and long locks, they’re “cuts you want at any age” with a bit of tweaking to optimize flattery. That said, there are a few rules for Making Any Hairstyle Age Defying and a some Hair Mistakes That Age You. 

Check out these strategies to get the most out of your locks at any age from More and others… 

Your Mane Objective at 30: Enjoy What You've Got”

Brush your hair 100-strokes each night using a small boar-bristle brush that won’t tug or tear your hair. Yes, that old advice is back. “Now is the time to stimulate hair follicles with vigorous brushing, which keeps them healthy longer.”  Also check your blood iron level. Too little is a common trigger for thinning hair in your 30s. Now is also the time to “amp up your color” and add subtle highlights to soften your face. The biggest don’t in your 30s: don’t get a ‘mom-cut,” even if you’re a mom!  Here are some other dos & don’ts.

At 40 “Brace Your Hair for Hormone Havoc”

Now’s the time to put an emphasis on the overall health of your hair. "Once we get over 40, the hair can get finer – especially around the crown and hairline – due to the follicles shrinking." The Anti-Aging News Network explains that the production of melanin, which helps provide hair the moisture that it needs to protect it from the sun and external pollutants, has slowed. Therefore, treat your hair as you would your face. Expand your regimen to include the hair version of a night cream—a deep, once-a-week mask.

And pack in the proteins – they go a long way toward maintaining the strength and pliability of your hair.” Get protein from foods like tofu, lean meat and eggs.  Also, try a protein-infused styling product, on your hair, of course.

Shake up your color with warm tones that “tend to be the best for women 40+ because they make the complexion look alive and youthful. When styling, “spritz a thickening spray at the roots, and use your fingers to lift the base of the hair as you blow-dry.”

For Sexy, Healthy Hair in Your 50s

“Let your hair air dry before using the blow-dryer;” don’t use the high heat settings, and keep the nozzle a couple of inches away from your hair. Also get a monthly deep-conditioning treatment, especially if you’ve got gray hair, which is more prone to dryness, Plus, Anti Aging Hair Care says find hair care products with vitamins E, C B3 and B6 and other antioxidants to help strengthen your hair.  suggests eat orange foods like carrots that are high in antioxidants that can help seal moisture into hair, which maintains the natural oils in your scalp. Also get your thyroid checked.  Hypothyroidism, symptoms can include obesity and heart disease, but it can also result in a thinning hair.

Hallelujah 60s and beyond

Things have calmed down and your hair may actually improve as your hormones stabilize.” Moisturizing is still imperative, but use one that provides “weightless” moisture and scale back on shampooing to every other, or third, day.

Also, ‘own’ those silver locks by finding a cut that’s ‘great for grey, textured hair.’  Check out this tousled pixie on Judi Dench.

No matter your age, choose a hairstyle that manifests your confidence. Remember, grace, beauty and style knows no age!