Five Anti-Aging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The fight against aging is a perennial good news/bad news story. The good news is you are trying really hard to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging; the bad news is you may be making some serious anti-aging mistakes without even realizing it.

Aging is going to happen no matter how hard we try to stop the hands of time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight the good fight. Knowing what to do and what not to do is crucial in keeping you looking as young as you feel.

Here are five anti-aging mistakes you need to avoid:

You’re over-caffeinated – The multiple cups of coffee you drink in the morning to get jump started may be sabotaging your skin. While drinking coffee has been shown to lower the risk of liver disease and prevent diabetes, it also dehydrates you, which can lead to dry skin. The caffeine in coffee can also sabotage your sleep cycle, leading to dark circles under your eyes.

Anti-Aging Mistakes

You’re not using sunscreen – This can never be said enough times – sunscreen is for every day, all day, rain or shine, beach or home, no excuses. It’s so easy to come by: Whether you buy a bottle of it or it’s part of your daily moisturizer or foundation. Many beauty products contain SPF, which is great news, because ultraviolet light exposure is the number one cause of premature aging and one of the most easily prevented.

You’re not sleeping enough or correctly – The days of pulling all-nighters and continuing on your day looking refreshed are sadly gone. A lack of sleep is not flattering, and it can be harmful to your health. Set up a sleep schedule, including a night time routine to help you wind down. Sleeping on your stomach or on your side with your face compressed into a traditional pillow can add wrinkles to your face. JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, designed by a board certified plastic surgeon, promotes compression-free sleep for younger skin, which makes it an easy-to-use anti-aging product.

You’re not paying attention to your neck or hands – If you ever really want to know how old someone is, check their hands or neck. These parts of the body are so frequently overlooked when it comes to anti-aging skin care routines and, because the skin is so delicate, they show someone’s true age in the form of wrinkles and dryness. Dr. Goesel Anson, anti-aging expert, says whatever you use on your face, use on your hands too. Careful, though, with facial products containing active ingredients such as retinols and AHAs on the neck. Neck skin can be more sensitive than facial skin. So it may be best to stick with products intended for neck and décolletage.

Your makeup routine hasn’t changed in years – From foundation to eye makeup, what worked even a couple of years ago may not be working for you now. That may mean the blue eye shadow or the smoky eye are only accentuating fine lines and creases. Be sure to play up your best features and consult a beauty expert regularly to help you continue to age gracefully.

Anti-aging pillow

Staying moisturized, eating healthfully, and exercising regularly should always be at the top of any anti-aging routine, as should uncomplicated, non-invasive tips and products like using The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow to help minimize wrinkles and keep you looking younger. Visit JuveRest today at to learn more.