Essential Anti-Aging Skin Care

Winterproof Your Skin:

Low temperatures, low humidity and strong harsh winds can cause dry and parched skin especially if you’re Fabulous After 40. Here are a few winter age-defying skin care essentials.

  • Winterize Your Skinby modifying your makeup routines. Consider cream instead of powder blush and tinted moisturizing lip balm instead of lipstick. Don’t over-powder. It can settle into fine lines and highlight wrinkles, making you look older.
  • Adjust Your Moisturizer: When you break out the sweaters, switch to a heavier moisturizer. Your skin needs more moisture in wintertime.
  • Don’t Feel The Burn: All the SPF in the world can’t protect you from skin damage done by cozying up next to the fireplace or warming your toes with a space heater. Direct exposure from two to three feet away causes inflammation and collagen breakdown. Try sitting at least ten feet away, advisescom.

Hands Don’t Lie (Use facial skin care on them)

Chances are, you’re already using a moisturizing hand lotion, particularly in the winter. But, according to Why You Should Be Anti-Aging Your Hands, you can turn that ritual into a targeted prevention regimen with just a few tweaks. First, use sunscreen on your hands every day, switch to a hydrating moisturizer and exfoliate once-a-week. Then add to your regimen retinol creams to brighten and tighten and a dark spot corrector with vitamin C. In fact, anti-aging skincare expert, Dr. Goesel Anson, says put whatever you’re using on your face on your hands too!

Prefer single to double chin?

Making its way onto the essential anti-aging list is an injection designed specifically to reduce double chins. Featured on, the recently FDA approved Kybella is a form of the naturally occurring deoxycholic acid, which helps the body absorb fats. It is injected below the chin area, where it penetrates fat cells and attacks their outer membranes, causing them to burst. According to Dr. Oz, a series of six treatments, one-month apart, are required. The FDA advises that treatment with Kybella should only be provided by a licensed health care professional and it is important to remember that Kybella is only approved for the treatment of fat occurring below the chin. It is not known if it is safe or effective for treatment outside of this area.

Don’t neglect your neck because it requires more anti-aging preventative measures than the face and body. Neck skin is much thinner and less elastic and is therefore at higher risk for showing age. Using a few anti-aging skin care essentials can help keep the skin on your neck hydrated and soft.

  • If do only one thing to care for your neck, make sure you moisturize every morning and night, says Treat your neck and chest to the same anti-aging ingredients that are in your face moisturizer, like peptides to boost collagen and minimize sagging, and vitamin C to brighten and diminish spots.
  • Exfoliate the neck and chest area at least once a week to keep the skin free of dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. This area is delicate, so use a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant.

Anti-Aging Superstar Ingredients

According to, when shopping for anti-aging skin care products, these are the superstar essentials you want to see on a label. Check out all 12 Anti-Aging Skin Care Ingredients You Need to Know About for the complete list and more detailed information.

  • Grape seed is anantioxidant that significantly reduces free-radical damage, helping to fight wrinkles.
  • AHA and BHA because they help bind moisture and improve healthy collagen production and smooth an uneven skin texture.
  • Ceramides, which makes up about 20 percent of the skin’s intercellular matrix, is the ‘glue’ that holds skin cells together, helping skin maintain its appearance while protecting it.
  • Retinoids – these over-the-counter versions of the prescription cream Retin-A are medically proven to be the strongest to slow the aging process. They diminish fine lines, increase cell turnover to give a youthful glow and lighten brown spots. If you’re a retinol rookie,A Users’ Guide To Retinoids And Retinol is a good place to start!

Sleeping with the Enemy?

  • Skin care professionals can tell which side a person sleeps on by the wrinkles on their face. How? Sleep wrinkles form when your face is compressed against a pillow night after night. This causes the skin to be stretched, pulled and pushed, and over time, stretching and sagging the skin and making wrinkles that become permanent. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! The best way to avoid sleep wrinkles is to snooze on your back, says The 8 Best Skin Tips You’ve Never Heard.
  • The best way to encourage back-sleeping is through the use of an anti-wrinkle pillow that prevents facial contact, while also accommodating side-sleeping. Check out The Dos and Don’ts Of Shopping For A Pillow To Prevent Sleep Wrinkles.

Essential Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures

When asked dermatologists for their techniques to Stay Looking Fabulous, topping the list of non-surgical anti-aging essentials are Botox and fillers including Restylane and Cosmoderm. Sculptra is a standout because it’s not so much a ‘filler’ as a volumizer. This anti-aging skin care procedure gives back volume to the temples, cheeks and lower face in a very natural way.

Also favored is LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production and balance skin tone. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser treatments are used to even out pigmentation and texture. Learn more about IPL Photofacial and other treatments at Starter Procedures for Younger Looking Skin.