Cellulite: Facts & Fallacies

Fact: 90 percent of women will get cellulite at some point in their lives. So let’s be honest, when we Google cellulite, it’s not really because we want in-depth knowledge about its causes or graphic illustrations of fat deposits under the skin. We want to know how to make it go away!

Diet and exercise are the most effective ways to treat cellulite, so says Dr. Oz in this six-minute video where he also discusses the effectiveness and/or ineffectiveness of liposuction, cellulite creams, massage, and laser and radiofrequency cellulite treatments.


A regular exercise routine cannot cure cellulite, but it can help prevent or reduce its appearance. Firming and toning will tighten the skin, giving the illusion that cellulite is less prevalent. Yoga routines that target the butt and thighs can help, as well as strength-training moves that build muscle and boost circulation.

“Exercise will absolutely help to diminish cellulite.” Fitness expert Desiree Bartlett in Self’s The Anti-Cellulite Lower Body Workout demonstrates five moves to get a “tighter tush, streamlined hamstrings and dimple-free outer thighs.” You can find similar cellulite-fighting exercises at The 30-Minute Stop-Cellulite Workout.


Topping the list of cellulite busting foods at Body+Soul and RealBuzz Healthy Active Living are berries of all kinds that are high in antioxidants and vitamin C to help keep skin firm and taut, which helps to disguise the appearance of cellulite.  Plus, lecithin  found in eggs, soy products, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes – helps to build healthy new cells and strong membranes required to hold fat invisibly in place. Remember to include the essential fatty acids from salmon, walnuts, olive oil and flaxseed to attract water to dehydrated cells and connective tissue.

Other Cellulite Treatments

The effectiveness or non-effectiveness of many “cellulite-treatments” is open for debate. There seems to be a couple of exceptions, however. Liposuction is not recommended for cellulite and could actually make it look worse. And, limited studies show that topical creams, especially those with retinoids, may provide temporary effects by creating a thicker skin cover that can help camouflage cellulite bumps.  See what’s being said about laser, radio-frequency, lipomassage, dermal fillers and Cellulaze, a surgical technique approved by the FDA in 2012.


Cynthia Callendar, JuveRest co-founder, an avid tennis player, shares her tennis teammates’ tricks for sporting those short skirts. “Try self tanner, it definitely obscures veins, bumps and bruises. My favorite is Tan Towel, so I don’t have to deal with goopy cream or lotion. I apply it with disposable plastic gloves so it doesn’t stain my hands, then I rub my kneecaps and ankles, where the skin is thicker, with a towel to make sure it doesn’t sink into the folds. Also, for a good bronzing without self-tanning, try Lorac’s Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray, which comes with a buffing pad for flawless results.”

For now, there are two things we know for sure: nine out of 10 women get cellulite and there is no permanent solution yet. The conclusion– All those pictures we see in magazines of smooth thighs are airbrushed. So break out the shorts and the swimsuits, you’re not alone!