Bridal Hairstyles: Say I Do to the Do

Choosing a wedding dress is one of a bride’s biggest decisions, but figuring out your wedding day hairstyle runs a close second. To help you choose the right style, we’ve rounded up a few tips.

What’s Hot in Hairstyles?

If you’re personal style is relaxed, check out the undone updo with face-framing curls at 12 Hot (New) Bridal Hairstyles from, where you’ll also find the timeless elegance of the high chignon and the soft and delicate look of the woven bun. Also take a peek at 15 Fresh Hairstyles for your wedding day at, various wedding hairstyles at and 30 Beautiful And Trendy Bridal Hairstyles at

Match Your Tresses to your Dress

A wedding day hairstyle should work well with the style of your dress, and in particular, the neckline. Here are 5 Red Carpet Inspired Hairstyles To Flatter The Seasons Trendiest Necklines from

  • Illusion (a sheer fabric panel extending from the bust to the collar): A half-updo is perfect because it can showcase any embellishment, while still having a romantic feel.
  • Deep V: If the gown is simple go for a deep side part and wear your hair down with old Hollywood waves. If the gown has more of a bohemian feel, go with a slightly off-center part and a polished version of beach waves.
  • Bejewled: This neckline is a signature piece so don’t distract from it. Go with an updo off your face. Try a French twist or another simple style.
  • Boatneck: The boatneck is very feminine, but runs the risk of looking too serious. Try a sculpted ponytail with volume at the crown.
  • High Collar: You can wear a high bun at the crown for a regal look or at the nape of the neck in a lower chignon for something softer and more romantic.

Find more bridal hairstyles to match the neckline of your dress at as well as through A Magnificent Pair: Matching Tresses to Dresses at For even more inspirational photos and advice check out Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle at

Practice Your Style

Always schedule a trial run with a trusted stylist and bring pictures. But before you do, try out a few styles on your own. From the looped fishtail to the full bouffant, 31 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself from gives you step-by-step instructions. For more inspiration and how-to advice, check out

Consider consulting more than one stylist for your trial run. And remember to calendar in appointments for your color at least one month before your wedding date plus a trim one week prior. You’ll find these and more terrific pre-wedding hair do’s and don’ts and style-trial advice at and

There’s a Style For Every Hair Length

  • No need to add extensions to pull off the classic braided coif or bring sexy to that strait edge, take a look at these 20 Bridal Short Hair Stylesat And check out this how-to video for short hair.
  • From tresses with a twist to loose, luscious braids, get inspired by these 16 Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair atcom and visit Bridal Hairstyle at
  • Medium hair is the perfect for everything from stunningly vintage to sweetly girlish. You’ll want to take some of these pictures from 10 Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Length Hairat to your hair stylist to try out on for your big day.

Your curls are so versatile, shows how with little effort your tousled waves can take your very formal gown to a beach ceremony, or you can pair a twisted bun and thin braid for a romantic-bohemian style.

We wish you a perfect hair day for your wedding; just be careful not to over do.