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Freeing your feet

Feet and shoes might not immediately come to mind when Googling anti-aging beauty tips, but for many of us, shoes are a big part of our self-image. Even on those days when we’re wearing our “fat” clothes from the back of the closet, we can always depend on shoes to fit and give us a lift. 

But as we get older, gravity causes feet to widen and flatten. Looser and weaker foot ligaments cause both lengthening and flattening and fat pads diminish on the soles of our feet, which is why those gorgeous heels hurt. Wearing the wrong shoes, now more than ever, can make matters worse i.e., hammer toes, bunions, enough said!

According to Aching Feet – It’s Not Me, It’s Choo, one solution to achieve chic and comfort might be as simple as trying a wider shoe and to look for shoes that have cushioning inside and rubber soles. If you have a favorite shoe that no longer feels comfortable, try adding a discreet rubber sole to make up for the loss of cushioning in your own foot.

You can still channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a classic traditional ballet skimmer with styles that include a little padding inside and out. Stuart Weitzman’s flat comes in an assortment of colors, and some stores offer exclusive versions in textured leathers. The Michael Kors flat comes in a range of cute colors with a padded foot bed and plenty of support and shock absorption. Manolo Blahnik also has padded insoles and offers a variety of heel heights, including its famous kitten heel. Check out Shoes Glorious Shoes:  for more comfort tips.

To help keep your feet sexy and healthy Secrets Of Perpetually Pretty Feet suggests applying foot cream immediately after bathing to reduce dryness and exfoliate daily with a foot file or pumice stone in the shower to buff away dead cells and reduce the occurrence of calluses. You can soften cuticles by applying cuticle oil and immersing your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. When you’re getting a professional pedicure remember to minimize your risk of infection by booking your appointment for the morning when footbaths tend to be cleaner and take an odorless disinfectant with you to add to the water.

Creams, Serums and Sunscreen: Ingredients Do Matter

For facial wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, a handful of ingredients, including retinol, sunscreen and anti-oxidants, make the difference between potent and weak skin care products, according to Retinol creates healthier cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and firms the skin, moisturizes, softens, smooths, and brightens the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that makes skin more resilient to sun damage, can reduce brown spots and improve collagen production. Look for products that include a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s rated SPF 30 or greater.

Good Skin Care Requires Sleep

Good skin care includes sleep says Skin cells regenerate during sleep and increased blood flow and circulation nourishes skin cells. That’s the good news. The bad news is sleep wrinkles are real! According to, sleep wrinkles form, and eventually become permanent, when the face is compressed against a pillow night after night causing the skin to be stretched, pushed and pulled. The key to preventing sleep wrinkles is sleeping on your back, which also has other beauty benefits, like clearer, firmer skin and better back alignment. A supportive anti-wrinkle pillow that prevents facial contact, while also supporting comfortable back sleeping should be part of a  preventative and anti-aging skin care routine. Check out what others are saying about JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow.

Makeup To Look And Feel Good

Makeup Must Haves For Your Fifties include primers with moisturizers to help makeup stay put; moisturizing foundation to even out skin tone, and a luminescent concealer-highlighter hybrid to soften flaws. Add to those an eyelash curler because lashes thin with age, and waterproof eye makeup to help avoid the cosmetic slip-n-slide if you’re still dealing with hot flashes.

For eye makeup, go with a matte shadow. To add lift, try applying one matte light color (ivory, sand, camel, soft pink) over the whole lid, then swiping on a slightly deeper shade in just the crease. Then choose a peppy pink or peach cream blush that also moisturizes. To Get A Glow Like Demi Moore, instead of applying blush just around the cheek’s apple, blend upwards and outwards towards the ear covering a larger surface area to counter a sagging jowl and creating a brighter, flushed feel.

Exercise: Is Your Workout Aging You?

Of course, exercise is an integral part of staying young, so keep it up. But, if you’re over-extending and straining your neck when you work out, you could be stretching the facial and neck muscles, causing looseness and wrinkles. Check out Is Your Workout Aging You for tips on being aware of how straining your platysmal bands can pull the skin on your face down. Most people have no idea that they’re even working those muscles until they start wondering why there are wrinkles around their chin and why the skin under their neck is stretched! Check out From Face Fitness Gyms To Easing Up On Chewing Gum: How To Ward Off Facial Wrinkles for more sensible tips on avoiding wrinkles.


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This from 7 Anti-Aging Tricks That Every Woman Over 50 Should Use, and we couldn’t agree more: wear a genuine smile; embrace your passions and find friends who make you laugh!