Makeup Tips: How to Conceal Facial Wrinkles

Makeup Tips

Eating healthily, exercising, using sun block and getting good facial-compression-free sleep do wonders for our skin and with strategic makeup application, the results can be stunning. Here are some professional makeup tips to minimize wrinkles, the way experts do.

Less is More

Sylvie Chantecaille, founder and president of Chantecaille Beauté, was asked in a recent O interview: “What's the biggest misconception women have about makeup as they age?” She replied: “That they need more; they actually need less. You can switch to a lightweight foundation that moisturizes your skin and evens it out without covering it too much. Sheer makeup makes your skin look much sexier. Heavy makeup makes you look like you're trying to hide something.”

Pro tip: Layer makeup as you apply it. A little goes a long way. If you’re not sure how it looks, take a selfie, and you’ll see exactly where you need more (or less).

In Your Prime(r)

“Not to prime is a crime,” said makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. And, at 47, model Shelley GoodStein concurs in More’s A Ford Model’s Secrets to Ageless Beauty. “If you're using a foundation, start with a primer to keep product from settling into any wrinkles or fine lines.”  Allure’s beauty editor shows how to apply primer in this quick “Beauty 101” video. If you’re still wondering “why prime,” Flattering 50: Primers for Faces Over 50 is a great introduction including some thoughts on “the best anti-aging primers.”

Pro tip: Apply primer after moisturizer, then mix a bit of primer with your foundation. Apply the foundation/primer blend for a truly flawless base with a foundation brush instead of a sponge.

Marionette Lines

You know those lines from the corner of your mouth down to your chin? They’re called marionette lines because they resemble the slits that allow a puppet’s mouth to move. Until you’re ready for injectibles or a facelift, you can minimize their appearance with makeup. We found three camouflage tricks at Everyday Life. You’ll need concealer, white eyeliner or white manicure pencil for tracing the lines, and light pink eye makeup for your chin.

Pro tip: Conceal AFTER applying foundation to ensure it doesn’t get wiped away by the foundation brush or sponge.

Elevens (creases between the eyebrows) and Forehead Lines

Life Lift The Oprah blog has advice from some of her makeup gurus for hiding forehead wrinkles and those vertical frown lines between your brows . Pati Dubroff starts with a topical wrinkle filler on the lines. After the filler, add a light sweep of foundation. For the deepest lines, brush a brightening concealer right into the wrinkle.                                                                    recommends adding bangs to your hairstyle. Soft, brow-skimming bangs are the easiest and most stylish veil for wrinkles, but be sure to make a low side part right above the pupil. A center part draws attention to the forehead by framing it.

Pro tip: Pressed powder applied with a sponge or puff can emphasize wrinkles. Try a loose translucent powder instead, and be sure to apply with a brush. 


Give your eyes lift the eyes with the right makeup. Throw out the dark eyeliner and eye shadow that make wrinkles stand out. Instead, choose lighter shades with a little shimmer to draw more light to the eye.

Choose champagne-colored liner for blue eyes and pinker tones for green eyes. Use silvery or blue shades for brown eyes. Applying an illuminator under the eyes will minimize the appearance of dark circles. offers these suggestions for choosing the best concealer color for your eye concerns.  In order to neutralizer a color, you must use its opposite.  Use a yellow concealer to neutralize under eye circles, which are usually have a blue tone. To cover red blemishes, you neutralize with a green concealer.

Pro tip: Blend two or more concealer colors on the back of your hand for a truly custom shade.

While it’s nice to know that the makeup experts have us covered, don’t forget to let your natural beauty shine through once in a while! Here’s some inspiration for minimalism, that may make you smile...