How do you celebrate love?

celebrate love

We at JuveRest believe that health and love are the most important things in life. Previously, we have shared our best health and beauty advice. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk about love! From those still waiting for Cupid to strike, to those who’ve been celebrating l’amour for decades, we’ve asked some friends to share their Valentine’s Day plans and perspectives with us:


“I’m single and admit to giving in to the romantic notion of Valentine’s Day: a hot date with an even hotter guy. But since that is probably not in the cards this year, here’s my plan of attack for V-Day: instead of eating a quart of ice cream and looking for my college boyfriend on Facebook, I’ll rally my single friends for a night of dancing. We’re always there for each other, and that will help remind us it’s just another day. But hopefully next Valentine’s Day will be just as it ‘should’ be: a romantic day and steamy evening with a guy who loves and adores me!”

            Amanda, 23


“Valentine’s Day starts with heart shaped pancakes and pink whipped cream, followed by a romantic dinner and lusty nightcap. Then I wake up from the dream. In reality, my typical holiday starts by making pink cupcakes for my daughter’s elementary school class, putting in a full day at work and dropping off treats at soccer practice. When flowers arrive from my husband, I marvel at their beauty but worry about the money he spent. After putting the kids to bed, my husband and I will probably toast with Gatorade and dine on stale cupcakes. With all of that said, I wouldn’t trade this for all the Valentine’s Day hype in the world… well maybe just a little Hallmark romance next year!”

            Cindy, 34


“My thoughts on Valentine’s Day have changed quite a bit from the more cynical view of my 20-something self. With the demands of pre-teen children and work, the idea of a celebration of love and romance with my husband has a lot of appeal. Valentine’s Day reminds me of how we started all those years ago – our lives consumed with each other. And yet today, our lives are even more entwined. So Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put on a nice dress and an extra coat of mascara and abandon my kitchen for champagne and a chef-cooked meal. Though few and far between, I live for these moments that remind us of how it all started!”

            Susan, 47


“Valentine’s Day may not always be about the person with whom you share a bed. Our circle of love grows and deepens as our ability to love and how we look at love evolves. We gain perspective on the sacrifices our parents made, we appreciate the love of loyal and grateful children, and we crave the love of good friends who have stood by us during good times and bad. Tell everyone on your list – not just your partner or spouse – they matter to you.”

            Carol, 55

Our St. Valentine’s Day wishes for you:

            ♥ Sweet libations: Rasmopolitan,

            ♥ Sweet temptations: Strawberry-Ricotta Tartlet paired with a tasty Madeira,

            ♥ And, most of all: LOVE - sans regret!

Please share your thoughts or advice on love or Valentine’s Day here on our blog—We’d love to hear from you!